Museum Of Modern Art

MoMA is in Manhattan again, where it belongs. It moved to Queens for a while, while they were renovating, and I never could bring myself to make the trip.

The new building is great. Pieces are 'cut away' everywhere, so you can peek into other parts of the building. Look at the view to the left, you can see at least six other levels at once- little fleeting glimpses of people.
It's probably no coincidence that New York artists are my favorites. Self-important alcoholics mostly. But they created fantastic stuff. Here's Jasper John's 'Flag'. It's all about the material for me- wax, newspaper, paint...
Gordon Matta-Clark rules. He takes buildings, cuts them up, and displays them as art. It fetishizes the material environments we build around us. Works for me- I kind of think of the whole city as a big, interesting object.
You see the places where the stairs would have been attached, and the hearth over the fireplace. The city is filled with holes like this, missing pieces, left over remnants.

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