Manhattan Avenue

The story of Manhattan Avenue really starts a block away, at the corner of 105th Street and Central Park West. This great building was the New York Cancer Hospital, built in 1884. It's the predecessor of Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

The story goes that the corners are round, because in the 1880's, they thought germs hid in corners. You can see in the original plans below that many rooms were oval-shaped.
The whole thing is being turned into condos, of course. When I lived up the street, at 105 and Columbus, this place was a spooky shell.


It's looking good today. That's the former chapel, below.

Manhattan Avenue is around the corner. That's where they built the residences for the doctors, and they're lovely.

Despite the fact that this is where I was a victim of an 'aborted mugging', as Ben McGrath mentioned in the New Yorker article, I'm very fond of this street. I still feel safe here, especially during the day. Every place in Manhattan is fairly safe.
This street was mentioned in another 'Talk of the Town' a couple of years ago. Remember the one about the guy who thought his house was haunted, and he hired a Hawaiian Kahuna to exorcise the place? That was on this street.
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