West 130th

  All of Harlem is worth exploring, but one of my favorite streets is West 130th St. between Malcolm X (Lenox) and 5th Avenue.  
The North side of the street has the usual beautiful townhouses (in various states of repair) that you see throughout this area.
There's also the lovely Ambrose Episcopalian church.
But what really sets this street apart is the southern side - which is completely taken up with a group of houses known as 'Astor Row', built in the 1880's. As the American Institute of Architects Guide (AIA) says, they have a 'quiet elegance'.
If you're not from New York, this may not impress you, but these are detached duplexes- not connected to their neighbors. Gives them a little breathing room. And not only do they have wooden porches, but also front yards and driveways. Luxury.
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