I've been surprised and delighted by the amount of press the walk has gotten- thank you, press people. You can read many of the articles below, but not all of the icons are linked to articles yet. Also two interviews I did for radio.



Click to the left to hear a couple of radio interviews. The first one I did a year ago when I randomly started talking to a Canadian reporter during the unveiling of Christo's Gates project in Central Park. The WGBH (Boston) interview is a little sentimental, especially with the music they added, but what the heck. For some reason, I get choked up at certain points during both of these interviews- I'm not usually so emotional. Guess I was getting cauught up in the moment. (By the way, the WGBH song is done by the Lascivious Biddies, a NYC band. The singer contacted me recently, she's also an explorer of NYC backroads.)



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